“This world is rampant with sin. Lust and perversion ooze out of dark alleyways and tenements like pus from a fettered wound. Theft and murder are as commonplace as flies on a corpse. Children wake to the sounds of their mothers’ hips grinding upon strangers laps. This world is evil; we cannot hope to purge this darkness. God has forsaken this land of unworthy louts, and we stand alone. Steel yourselves because we must persevere. We are the last bastion of justice in a world of darkness. And though our duty is grim, we shall not falter. Our duty is not to win, but to fight. And fight we shall. Our shields shall never fall and our swords shall never dull. We shall slaughter and purge those that prey on the fearful to no end, and we shall make them know the gravity of their wrongdoings. We will hunt them, we will slaughter their flesh and burn their souls and brand within them a fear so deep that they will never forget the horrors they have wrought upon the world. We shall bring down the wrath of justice upon them, and even if we are slaughtered in turn, we shall die cursing the names of our enemies and singing the blessings of our brothers whom shall bring down the sword of justice in our stead. Never forget our creed, brothers. WE are the swords that smite the sinful. WE are the shields that guard the faithful. WE are the fires that purge the darkness. WE are VINDICATORS.”

The Vindicators